Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
18 Upper Grand

District Executive Council

District Executive Council

Contact Information

Paul Rawlinson

District President

Business: 519-843-4043 ex. 224

Fax: 519-843-6260

Mary Gardner

CBC Chair, Occasional Teachers' Barg. Unit President and Chief Negotiator

Business: 519-843-4043 ex. 231

Fax: 519-843-6260

Mobile: 519-827-6676

TollFree: 866-264-4425

Sharon Stuckless

President (ESS/WCDSB)

Susan Brighton

OCTT Bargaining Unit President

Business: 519-843-4043 ex. 227

Fax: 519-843-6260

TollFree: 866-264-4425

Cindy Scholten

District Treasurer

ESSP/EC Member

Business: 519-843-4043

Toll Free: 519-264-4425

Janice Scott

PSSP President

District Educational Services Officer

Cell: 519-830-7253

Cheryl Lampkin

ESSP/ECE Bargaining Unit President

Business: 519-843-4043 ex. 225: Fax: 519-843-6260

Mobile: 519-820-3989

David Fast

District Secretary

TBU Executive Member

John Potoscka

Politcal Action Officer


Lisa Miszczak

District Vice President

TBU Member (JFR)

Laura Tremble

District Human Rights Officer


Business: 519-843-4043 : Fax: 519-843-6260

Maddie Davis

District Status of Women Officer

TBU Member (JFR)

Tracey Mackie-Vlietstra

District Health and Safety Officer/Upper Grand

PSSP Member

Business: 519-843-4043: Fax: 519-843-6260

Greg Dickinson

District Health and Safety Officer/WCDSB


Business: 519-843-4043: Fax: 519-843-6260